Booking Terms Chisinau

How to book a Lady for Chisinau

>> Just contact us when you are in Chisinau (Contact). We will immediately inform you which models are available. All models are located in Chisinau.

>> We only offer outcall (apartment/hotel)

>> Payment in cash only to the model. No Credit Cards!

>> Deposit of 100 Euro per day is required if you wish a confirmed encounter


Booking Terms Abroad

How to book a Lady abroad

Please inform us:

>> Which model you wish to meet

>> When do you wish an encounter

>> Where you wish an encounter

We have this payment terms:

We require the down payment of travel expenses and deposit

  • for 1 day encounters 100 Euro
  • for 2 day encounters 150 Euro and
  • for 3 day encounters 250 Euro (maximum deposit)

We charge as travel expenses the air fare +40 Euro (insurances, transfer). Down payment can be paid with Western Union (, Azimo (, upon request), MoneyGram (, Unistream (

>> All expenses from models during the date has to be covered from you.

>> Health insuarnce will be provided from us, no risk for you

>> We accept of e-ticket for our models for bookings from 2 days and more. Outbound airport is Chisinau (KIV). We will be happy to assist you in finding a convenient flight. Deposit if you wish to provide an e-ticket

  • for 2 day encounters 300 Euro and
  • for 3 day encounters 400 Euro
  • for 4 days and more encounters 500 Euro

We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you!